Michelle Teran interview in Vague Terrain

Research Fellow Michelle Teran of Dept of Fine Art is interviewed on Vague Terrain about past and present work.

From the intro: "Over the last decade Michelle has developed an impressive body of work that critically engages media, connectivity and perception in the city. Her performances and installations repurpose the language of surveillance, cartography and social networks to construct unique scenarios that call conventional power and social relations into question. Given her interest in 'everyday' urban experience, we thought a discussion of Michelle's work would serve as an excellent addition to an issue exploring ambient culture and aesthetics."

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About Vague Terrain
Vague Terrain is a web based digital arts publication that showcases the creative practice of a variety of artists, musicians and scholars. The project aspires to apply the focus and methodologies of academic and art journals and the tenacity and specificity of independent record labels to examine contemporary digital culture in an immediate and accessible manner. Content consists of curated visual, audio and written works, and now a companion blog. For better and worse this project is neither peer reviewed nor funded.

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